Is it easy to learn Hebrew ?

Is it easy to learn Hebrew

With Lilmod Aleph Beth, learning Hebrew has become easy because we have developed a curriculum that allows easy access to the basics of the Hebrew language. Once these basics are acquired, you will be free to progress in mastering the language as the foundations will be solidly established.

Traditionally, learning Hebrew hasn't been the simplest of tasks. It involves becoming familiar with a new alphabet, a new script, and a Semitic language that significantly differs from Latin or Germanic languages.

However, our program truly facilitates the approach to this ancient language through various learning tools

  • Learning the Hebrew alphabet, is a crucial point to master in order to progress further. For this purpose, you will find online videos and a very useful Hébreu : Tout ce qu'il faut savoir" target="_blank">small book available.
  • The learning of Grammar. It is necessary to train and be well guided.
    For this purpose, you will find a series of 7 online videos and a small Hébreu : avec la méthode b-a-ba pour apprendre plus facilement" target="_blank">accompanying guide. (Note that our method has been widely proven).
  • Learning grammar, once the rules have been mastered, everything becomes clearer and more accessible
    We have designed Hébreu : Les bases" target="_blank">a book that stands out for its pedagogical approach and unique presentation. It is particularly easy to read and understand.
  • Learning vocabulary : it's important to know everyday words.
    Discover our book : Hebrew Vocabulary: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide.
  • The learning of conjugation : with the most frequently used verbs available on on our website, you will no longer have doubts about their structures and endings.
  • And to complete a good study, we offer to discover Hebrew through conversations in which you will encounter numerous roots. (Please note that the book dedicated to this part is under development, and we are striving to finalize it as soon as possible.)

Various areas are developed through 5 books, a website, and a training program.

If you wish, you can choose to follow the entire program using just the books. However, if you prefer online training , please note that the books – which are also the course materials – are included in the registration. This allows you to alternate between watching the videos and reading..
In fact, the choice to combine audiovisual materials and books aims to offer students the flexibility to watch videos or continue lessons through reading, depending on their needs and preferences at the moment.
All our videos are of very short duration, which is also one of the strengths of our training. Each video has been carefully designed to be optimized in terms of time and quality. They are generally short – 2, 3, or 4 minutes, and occasionally 10 or 15 minutes – but packed with information and teachings. Everything is done to enable you to learn as quickly as possible, in great comfort and an enjoyable manner..

To conclude, Lilmod Aleph Beth aims to make learning Hebrew easier. Our mission is to make this ancient language as accessible and user-friendly as possible through our unique approach and carefully crafted learning tools. Whether you are a complete beginner or looking to enhance your Hebrew knowledge, we are ready to support you throughout your linguistic journey.

So don't hesitate to join us and start your journey into Hebrew with Lilmod Aleph Beth today. We look forward to welcoming you soon!