The Roots of Words in Hebrew

Grammatical structure of word formation

מִשְׁקָל / mishqal / constructed form

Prefix, suffix, infix

Hebrew words are formed around roots by adding particles at the beginning, middle and end of the root.

Prefixes and suffixes are attached to a root to create words, and infixes can be inserted within a root to modify its meaning.

Prefix :A group of letters (mini word) added at the beginning of a word, in front of the root, to specify its meaning.

Suffix :A group of letters (mini word) added at the end of a word, after the root, to specify its meaning.

Infix :A letter or group of letters (mini word) inserted within a word to modify its meaning.

Example with the root « ה-ל-ך »

The root ה-ל-ך (H-L-K) is that of the verb “to go”.
It covers concepts related to walking, movement, process and law.
Walking and Movement
לָלֶכֶת (lalékhèt) : Verb « to go, to walk » from PAAL group.
לְהַלֵךְ (léhalèkh) : Verb « to wander, to wander » from PIEL group.
לְהִתְהַלֵךְ (léhithalèkh) : Verb « to walk, to walk » from HITPAEL group.
לֶכֶת (lékhèt) : Noun (f) « walk » (in expressions).
הֲלִיכָה (halikhah) : Noun (f) « walk, pace », « death, disappearance ».
Other Concepts Associated with Movement
הִילּוּךְ (hiloukh) : Noun (m) « gear » (automobiles), « gait ».
Movement and Development Process
תַּהֲלוּכָה (tahaloukha) : Noun (f) « procession, parade ».
מַהֲלָךְ (mahalakh) : Noun (m) « process, course », « movement, development ».
Law and Rule
הֲלָכָה (halakhah) : Noun (f) « law, rule », « Halakhah » (Jewish law).

Example with the root « ס-ד-ר »

The root ס-ד-ר (S-D-R) is that of the verb “to put away”. It mainly concerns concepts related to organization, arrangement, order, regularity, coordination, sequence and systematization.
Organization and Arrangement
סֵדֶר (sédèr) : Noun (m) « order, arrangement ».
לְסַדֵּר (léssadèr) : Verb « to organize, tidy up » from PIEL group.
לְהַסְדִּיר (léhasdir) : Verb « organize, regulate, regularize, resolve, plan » of the HIFIL group..
לְהִסְתַּדֵּר (léhistadèr) : Verb « to organize, to arrange » from HITPAEL group.
הֶסְדֵּר (hèsdèr) : Noun (m) « agreement, arrangement, regulation, regularization ».
סִידּוּר (sidour) : Noun (m) «order, arrangement, organization »,also a « prayer book » used in Judaism.
סָדִיר (sadir) : Adjective « regular, systematic ».
Order and Sequence
סְדָר (sdar) : Noun (m) « typographic composition, typeset ».
סִידּוּרִי (sidouri) : adjective « ordinal ». Describes a number that indicates position in a sequence..
Typography and Professions
סִדְרָה (sidrah) : Noun (f) « sequence, series ».
סַדָּר (sadar) : Noun (m) « composer, typographer ».
Management and Coordination
סַדְרָן (sadran) : Noun (m) « steward, bailiff, sender ».
הִסְתַּדְּרוּת (histadrout) : Noun (f) « union, organization », « storage ».
מִסְדְּרוֹן (misdéron) : Noun (m) « corridor ».

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